Differing severity of Coral bleaching, from AIMS.
Differing severity of Coral bleaching
Tiger Sharks, Marine Science basics
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Crown of Thorns Starfish and a Triton Shell.  AIMS
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Fishing at Redhead, Newcastle, NSW. image from Flickr (West wind fisherman_7921) Tide Times and Ocean conditions now
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Marine Science News

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Rigs to reefs: is it better to leave disused oil platforms where they stand?

Exploring the use of the Pacific triton for mitigating crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks

Marine Science facts

  • The most remote point in the oceans is called Point Nemo


  • Half the Oxygen we breath is produced in the Ocean


  • The Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans are known as the three major oceans.


  • Irukandji jelly fish, with just a brush of venom leaves almost no mark. But after about a half hour you develop Irukandji syndrome, a debilitating mix of nausea, vomiting, severe pain, difficulty breathing, drenching sweating and sense of impending doom. You get so sick that your biggest worry is that you’re not going to die